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C++AMP accelerated collision detection (WINRT)

I was very upset when I had to remove this part of book during the page counts. Honestly, writing about all new features of DirectX 11.1 in just 146 pages was really hard, especially when the target audiences of our book were armatures and professionals.

In chapter 5 of DirectX 11.1 Game Programming book, I explained, what is C++AMP technology and how and when we can use it in our application, but for those  who have’t read the book yet and unfamiliar with C++AMP technology, I going to demonstrate it in short sentences. Continue reading C++AMP accelerated collision detection (WINRT)

Billboarding using Geometry Shader (WinRT)

As I said before, some parts of my book removed due to the page counts and I decided to present them in this blog, this time is about billboarding using Geometry Shader.

In order to achieve an impressive 3D look of outdoor scene, you need a lot of 3D objects, for example trees, grass, fire, or etc. We can use full 3D mesh objects for each of them but wait, this will slow down your game rendering performance.
To solve this problem we can use a technique called “billboarding”. Billboarding widely used for rendering 2D textures instead of fully 3D geometry. However, this texture must always face to the camera.  Continue reading Billboarding using Geometry Shader (WinRT)

Multi-Threaded Rendering (Windows Store only)

Some parts of book removed due to page counts, so I decided to add these sections to the website of the book. This section is about Multi-threaded rendering in DirectX 11.1 or the later version (that is DirectX 11.2).

Direct3D 11 has introduced some very interesting and powerful new features such as tessellation and multi-threaded rendering. I covered tessellation in chapter 4 of “DirectX 11.1 Game Programming”, but I couldn’t cover the most important one, I mean multi-threaded rendering.

In past few years, the average number of CPU and GPU cores has been vastly increasing.   Continue reading Multi-Threaded Rendering (Windows Store only)

Say HelloOo to DirectX 11.2

While I am working on Windows 8.1 and DirectX 11.2, I think this is a good idea to start a blog about it. It seems that Microsoft unveiled its latest version of DirectX only on XBox One and Windows 8.1.