Video Course Review | Building Android Games with OpenGL ES

I was crazy busy in this weekend 🙂 . After reading a good book about WebGL, I watched a video course about OpenGL ES, I mean Building Android Games with OpenGL ES. If you are looking for a course that will show you how to build Android games using OpenGL ES and Java, so don’t miss it. Even if you are C++ programmer like me, don’t worry you can learn techniques and port it to your C++ codes.

Direct3D Rendering Cookbook

The Prerequisites

As prerequisite, the reader has at least the basic knowledge of object-oriented programming in Java.  This book consists of 8 chapters:

  1. Chapter one, Getting Started with OpenGL ES,  is about 14:53 minutes and it will show you how to set up OpenGL ES in Eclipse and how to create and compile your first shader.
  2. Chapter two, OpenGL ES Math,  is about 16:23 minutes  which shows basic math for getting starting openGL ES programming.
  3. Chapter three, Lighting , is all about lighting techniques. It will cover type of lights such as directional, spot, point,  ambient lighting,  diffuse and specular lighting.
  4. Chapter four, Texturing , covers all sections you need for texturing your scene in OpenGL ES.
  5. Chapter five, Particle Systems, shows how to draw and customize particle systems.
  6. Chapter six, Assets and UI, presents how to interact with menu,  game interface and sounds. Also In this chapter you can create a simple game named “Ball and Paddle“.
  7. Chapter seven, Gameplay, help you to implement the game play of your game, such as ball movement, scoring, collision and etc.
  8. Chapter eight, Finishing Touches, presents how to optimize and publish your game.

Here is a sneak preview of the course.

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